Monday, June 7, 2010

Imported from Radstronomical

EDIT: This game is over now. Sam won! Scroll down to see the complete image with title.

Hey guys, I eventually want to give this project its own blog (if i ever get around to it, which so far I have been having some trouble with), but here's an illustration from a movie. First person to guess what movie (come on dudes this is the easiest) wins a postcard with an original drawing on it! from me! (the drawing will be on the back of the postcard. I do not have my own postcards. Sry.)

Start guessin'... NOW! EDIT: seriously it's over. Sam won, remember?

We used to sleep on the beach here. Sleep over night!

The quote underneath the image is not from the movie. It is a hint sort of though even though you should never need one.