Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 13: So Different Week

Holy Geez! It's been forever!

Well, we're doing things differently this week. But guessing is all the same! So come on back and guess after you

Many thanks go out to Christian Hahn for is assistance in making this function, and to infradead for hooking me up with some bleeps.

Oh, DUH! It was Kwaidan! Obvies.

Man. I left this up for so long, but the only person who got it was the famed Kali Ciesemier! The next one's gonna be easier. I promise!

If you haven't seen Kwaidan, I recommend it. It's three shorts based on Japanese ghost stories. So great!

I'll let you know when the next one is ready... now that I'm trying the programming they're gonna take me a little longer!


  1. It's that one you told me the title of! You know the one I mean! With the title!

  2. OHH NOOO I FORGOT THE EARS!! From Kwaidan, a super kickass compilation of Japanese spooky stories. Aw yeah. This rocks, Diego!

  3. The Last Samurai
    Lazy Susan: The Wurlitzer Years

  4. So its cheating if I guess correct? ;)